An Introduction to Home Pet Euthanasia

Is my dog, cat, or rabbit in pain? If my dog’s tail keeps wagging, and my cat keeps purring, can it really be time?

No one really knows the right moment to decide upon euthanasia. It is a very personal and difficult decision many pet owners face, unfortunately multiple times in a lifetime. The answer is different for each person and each pet.

Halton Veterinary House Call Services’ approach to pet euthanasia allows for the humane treatment of your family’s best friend in the comfort of their usual surroundings. Dr. Goldie Rosen’s combination of professionalism and bedside manner provides your family and its closest friend the opportunity to be at home to share the final moments together, with all family members and even other pets present.  What should I expect?

Dr. Goldie has years of experience performing home pet euthanasia, ensuring a smooth, calming, and pain-free technique, while providing privacy and support during this difficult time.

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HOME PET EUTHANASIA for RABBITS: Dr. Goldie is often asked is pet euthanasia available for rabbits?  

YES! Halton Veterinary House Call Services offers this service.  Rabbits are unique pets and therefore require different care. Dr. Goldie Rosen can provide a gentle, pain-free, comforting euthanasia technique for your pet rabbit's final moments in the privacy of your own home. Please click here for more information.




Allowing your family and closest friend the opportunity to share the final moments together.




Dr. Goldie will come to your home and ensure the comfort of your pet and your family.



During times of stress, Dr. Goldie provides compassionate, loving care for your pet.



Our pets have distinct personalities and deserve personalized care during their final moments.