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How to Cope With the Loss of Your Pet

No pet owner can ever be prepared for losing their beloved furry friend that became a real family member. By losing your pet, you lose your helpful assistant, your companion and your dear friend. This is, certainly, a tragedy that is often accompanied with feelings of guilt. It seems for the pet parent that he has not done his best to save his four-legged friend and missed something.

 It is so hard when disaster happens unexpectedly, but it can be even harder when your pet suffers a lot and nothing can be done to avoid it. When a veterinarian says that pet euthanasia is the only way to provide relief and to ease the animal’s sufferings, this is, undoubtedly, a very difficult decision. Pet euthanasia is inevitable in some cases, and you just need to cope with this loss. But how do we do it?

First of all, you should accept the fact that pets are mortal and each pet has its own lifespan that comes to an end. Pet euthanasia will make your pet free of physical pain and, consequently, mental sufferings. Constant pain turns life into a burden that is hard to bear. Every second is a torture and there is no hope of relief. Home pet euthanasia becomes an escape from this world that is full of agony. You can gently hold your dear pet before all is over, so the last moments of his life are calm and peaceful. Painless euthanasia is an act of compassion in this case. This is hard to do but you should accept the fate of your pet, it will let you grieve.

It takes time until you put up with your pet euthanasia. Try to share your grief with people you trust. Find someone who will allow you to talk at length and reminisce. You should speak about it and go through all emotions you had during home pet euthanasia. There are support groups for pet owners or you can use a hotline and speak to a psychologist. But do not keep it to yourself.

Arrange some kind of ceremony during or after in-home pet euthanasia to say good-by to your pet. It will keep you busy. Sometimes rituals can heal.

Find a way to memorialize your pet. Making a memorial, planting trees or installing a plaque in the yard can keep your pet's memory alive and let you mourn the loss, which is absolutely a normal process. When you are busy with lots of things, it will help you fill the void. Doing all this, do not forget about yourself. Take a good care of yourself, otherwise, you can get ill due to physical and emotional tiredness.

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