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The Decision of Euthanizing Your Pet

Those who have never owned a pet would hardly take the matter seriously. From their unenlightened standing, putting an old, injured or terminally sick animal to eternal sleep is just the simplest way out. But not for someone who has witnessed his or her pet come a lifetime-long or, much to his or her grief, shorter way toward the tragic outcome.

 One way or another, your pet has entered a stage of life when there is nothing but pain and suffering. Now the only choice is whether your companion has to go the hard way toward the natural end, or you ease it for him/her with just one little injection.

Time has come… Has it?

This is a fundamental decision not everyone can make independently. Most pet owners need professional assistance. A qualified veterinarian will determine whether or not it is time to carry out pet euthanasia. This seems to be the only alternative if:

  • Your pet is dealing with severe pain and sedatives are no longer effective
  • He/she is refusing to eat and growing weaker every day
  • He/she has grown too weak to even get up and do the natural things
  • He/she is suffering constant diarrhea/vomiting and dehydration
  • He/she has increasingly labored breathing and severe cough
  • He/she is no longer interested in games, interaction, and other once favorite activities

If you observe these signs in your pet, it is unlikely that his/her life will ever change for the better. It is time to make a decision. Now that you know there are no ways around pet euthanasia, the only choice left for you is whether you do it at a clinic or at home.


How is it done?

A trained veterinarian or technician will inject a large dose of a sedative drug (usually sodium pentobarbital) that will block the brain’s work and finally cause the heart to stop. The drug is injected intravenously – via a syringe or a catheter. Your pet will lose consciousness within a few seconds, and heartbeat will stop in a couple of minutes. To confirm death, the veterinarian will use a stethoscope to ensure that the heart has stopped.

Why do it at home?

Many pet owners find at-home euthanasia the most comfortable way to part with their furry loved one. They choose it because home environment is convenient for both the dying pet and the family. They know what to expect, and that makes it easier for them to face the grave truth.

Second, a trip to a clinic is a stress for many pets, even more severe than being at a vet’s office. If a pet has lived its whole life at home, ending it in familiar surroundings will be a much better decision.

Third, it can be somewhat comforting for owners to grieve at home rather than at a clinic, where other pet owners are usually present.

In areas where local laws permit near-home pet burials, at-home euthanasia is a more convenient alternative.

Putting a pet down at home frees you from having to drive in a stressed mood.

Prepare yourself!

Parting with a furry friend is always tough. If you have decided to do it at home, your vet can provide all sorts of help. If you have children, please, make sure this is something they really want to see!

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