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Travelling With Your Pet

Travelling with pets is getting more popular than ever. Thousands of tourists hit the road together with their family pets. The reasons for that are quite different from “there’s no one to leave my pet with” to “I feel guilty leaving my beloved furry friend behind while exploring the world”. There are lots of stories when people try to make their seriously ill pets happy by travelling to other parts of the country and watching beauties of nature: mountains, seas, lakes and even deserts.

If you decide to join those pet owners and take your trusty dog or cat to the trip, just keep in mind some of our tips below. We hope they will help you and make the journey safe and comfortable for both of you.

First of all, you need to plan your route carefully. You should decide beforehand what countries, cities, places of interest you are going to visit. And make sure to prepare all the necessary documents for your pet.

After that comes another point – way of travelling: by air, by train or by car. All of them have their pros and cons as well. Taking plane will allow you to get to the destination within a few hours no matter how far away it is. But this way is rather expensive and every airline company has its restrictions (pet bag dimensions, travel bag plus pet weight etc.). All these issues are to be discussed ahead to avoid unpleasant surprises. Do not hurry to get a ticket until you are sure to get a good “seat” for your pet. Moreover, remember that some animals may feel bad during the flight. For example, nub-nosed animals such as boxers, bulldogs, Pekinese and Persian cats usually suffer high temperatures and can become anxious during the flight.

Train travel is much less stressful for pets than flying but it also has some particularities that should be kept in mind. The most important one is that you need to find the train system where pets are permitted on the train. You can study the existing rules and restrictions by contacting the operator.

Taking a road trip is probably the most comfortable for your pet because you can always make a stop for a walk and then drive again. The only thing you need to prepare for the trip is a well-ventilated crate or carrier where your pet will be safe and feel homelike.
When the route is clear it’s time to get your pet ready for travelling. Take a visit to the vet and make sure your pet is healthy and has every vaccination required. After that get the copies of vaccinations and obtain the health certificate. Then microchip your pet if you haven’t done it before or update the information recorded in case you accidentally lose your pet during the trip.

The next thing to be arranged is a pet friendly hotel and an emergency clinic in case your pet feels bad. You better call your hotel ahead and make sure that your pet is welcome.

At last it’s high time to spend a few happy hours making a list of things your pet may need during the journey (food, bowls, carrier, first aid kit, collars, leashes etc.), get your luggage packed and stay longing for the moment to start your first travelling together.

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