Helpful Information by Dr. Goldie Rosen


What do I do after my pet passes away?

If you are reading this, you are probably, unfortunately, going to be suffering the loss of a pet very soon. Whether it is your beloved dog, cat, or rabbit you are faced with a dilemma: what will happen to my pet after? 

This is a profoundly upsetting question, and most of us don't even want to think of an answer. However, we need to think about it so we know how we are going to handle it.

Here are 3 choices you will need to face at the time of your pet's death: Private Cremation, Communal Cremation, or Burial.

For cremation, I recommend a family owned and operated pet crematory named Pets Above. They are located in the Township of Guelph/Eramosa, Ontario.

  • Private Cremation: At Pets Above, they have a crematory that is reserved exclusively for your pet. Your pet will be cremated alone, and the cremated remains will be carefully removed and secured in the urn of your choice. A signed certificate of cremation is included with this service.
  • Communal Cremation: At Pets Above, your pet is gently placed in the crematorium in a group setting among other pets. The communally cremated remains are later interred in a communal burial plot at the Ancaster Pet Cemetery as a final tribute. Each communal burial plot is identified with a Pets Above cemetery marker. It is important to note that, with this service, the cremated remains of your beloved pet will not be returned to you.
  • Burial: Halton Region and City of Burlington Animal Control recommends that pets that are euthanized be cremated. If however, a cat or dag passes away from natural causes, it is recommended that they are buried 4 to 6 feet deep, and in a bio-degradable bag (not a plastic bag). This is a big undertaking at a time of stress. What do I do if I am unable to bury my pet?  I offer a service to come pick up your pet, transport the pet to my car, and arrange the aftercare arrangements. Please contact me for more information about this service.

Should I choose Private Cremation or Communal Cremation?

In my opinion, I would suggest choosing the Private Cremation. Pets Above adhere to a strict code of ethics and practices in all aspects of their operation. All pets entering their facility are assigned a unique pet record and pet reference number (tagged and barcoded) that follows them through every step of the cremation process, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

They also offer a wide range of decorative urns, paw prints, and many other beautiful products to memorialize your beloved pet. You will get your pet's unique reference number, which can be used to select your memorial. I offer complimentary engraving or personalization on any urns or keepsakes you choose. In addition, after the euthanasia has been completed, I can provide a complimentary paw print using quick dry plasticine. After the family spends a few private moments with their pet, I will transport the pet to my car, and arrange the aftercare service.

It would be my pleasure to take care of the aftercare arrangements for your pet. When you receive your pets cremated remains, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, as they will always be yours to memorialize. Many people feel that having some part of their pet near them helps pay tribute to their lives and all the special memories.



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