Euthanizing a Rabbit at Home


For those that have had rabbits as pets, you know how quickly they can become a part of the family. They bring joy to both adults and children and can be with a family for many years. However, when they become ill, age or become injured owners must make the difficult decision of whether or not to consider putting this beloved pet rabbit down.


Euthanasia of a rabbit at home provides your pet a gentle end of life that is free from pain or distress. The procedure takes place in the comfort of their familiar surroundings which not only reduces stress for the bunny but also allows family members to say goodbye at home. 


How do I know it’s time to euthanize my rabbit?Pet Rabbit

  • Increase or decrease in eating or drinking
  • Lethargy, enlarged abdomen, teeth grinding
  • Drooling, slobbering
  • Hair loss on the chin and neck
  • Change in stools (diarrhea, decreased stools)
  • Change in urine such as blood, color change or cloudiness
  • Rabbit tilts head to one side
  • Poor coordination
  • Biting, growling, attacking
  • Lumps or masses


Euthanasia of a terminally ill rabbit can be one of the most stressful decisions that a family has to make. However, the decision must be based on the quality of life for your pet, and the amount of suffering the rabbit is experiencing.  To know for sure, keep track of how many good days there are vs. bad days.  


What Happens After the Home Euthanasia?

Following euthanasia of your rabbit, you can decide what you would like done with your pets remains. Dr. Rosen has partnered with Pets Above, an accredited pet crematory committed to providing the best in pet aftercare services. As a family owned and operated company, the team at Pets Above understand the importance of respectful and compassionate aftercare and promise that your pet will be handled with the same amount of care and respect that they would show their pets.