Pet HospiceWhat is animal hospice?

Animal (veterinary) hospice is a kind of service that provides care for terminally sick and/or geriatric animals. Vet hospices administer palliative care when conventional treatment is no longer effective. The goal is to ease physical pain and provide the best possible quality of life until the animal dies or the family chooses euthanasia. Largely, veterinary hospice care offers psychological support for owners and actually prepares them for the inevitable outcome.

How do veterinary hospices help our pets?

This is not merely about bringing out the grave nothing-can-be-done-about-it verdict. The idea is to help your pet to live its last days to the fullest. Professional pet hospices strive to build a strong owner-pet-veterinarian relationship, which is very important for those who have to face the inevitable. Particularly, they educate clients about the disease, age, and other related subjects. They share information about the most common lethal conditions and let their clients know what they and their pets are in for in the foreseeable future. Also, they can discuss with you other people’s experiences.

Hospice care veterinarians teach their clients to recognize pain in their pets and take steps to ease it. Finally, hospices do their uttermost to help their clients ease the stress of losing a companion.

Natural and Unassisted Death

They believe that the best and most correct and ethical step is to explain that death is not the end of all things, but rather a sequel to an old story. Also, veterinarians explain what ‘natural death’ really is, as well as the difference between ‘natural death’ and ‘unassisted death’. In nature, getting killed by a predator is the only natural way of dying for a weak, old, or sick animal. Concrete and brick walls and fences won’t let a predator in. This leaves no choice for your four-legged cardiac patient but to drown to death in fluid filling the lungs. It's a situation when death is inevitable, a hospice should help pet owners decide what is better for their pets.

Veterinary hospice services work in almost the same way as human hospices do. There are lots of them in this country and overseas, and they provide all sorts of assistance for those in trouble and having difficulty making a decision. If your pet has been diagnosed with an incurable disease or has grown old, you can contact Dr. Goldie Rosen and apply for pet hospice care. Feel free to call us at 905-876-7766 or fill out our Contact form