What do I do after my pet passes away?

This is a very difficult question – many pet owners find it upsetting to think of an answer. However, it is important to consider the aftercare options available after your pet is euthanized.

The three aftercare options are: Private Cremation, Regular/Communal Cremation, and Burial. Both types of cremation are carried out by a service called Gateway Pet Memorial. They are located in Guelph, Ontario.

Gateway adheres to a strict code of ethics and practices in all aspects of their operation. All pets entering their facility are assigned a unique pet record and pet reference number (tag and barcode) that follows them through every step of the cremation process, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

  • Private Cremation: Gateway has a crematory that is reserved exclusively for your pet. Your pet is cremated alone, and the cremated remains are carefully gathered and packaged in a complimentary scattering tube or silk pouch. Decorative urns, keepsakes, paw prints, and other memorial products can be purchased from Gateway at an additional cost. A signed certificate of cremation is also provided with this option.
  • Communal Cremation: Once at Gateway, your pet is gently placed in the crematorium with a group of other pets. A fraction of the cremated remains are interred in a communal burial plot at the Ancaster Pet Cemetery as a final tribute. Each communal burial plot is identified with a Gateway cemetery marker. It is important to note that, with this service, the cremated remains of your pet will not be returned to you.
  • Burial: Every municipality has different rules and guidelines regarding pet burial. Prior to burying your pet on your property, please check your local/municipal regulations. 

Should I choose a Private or a Regular/Communal Cremation?

The choice between a private cremation and a regular/communal cremation is very personal. Owners that would like their pet’s ashes returned should choose the private cremation. With this option, your pet’s unique reference number will be given to you, which you will use to access Gateway’s online portal called Lasting Memories. This grants you access to a wide range of decorative urns, paw prints, and many other beautiful products to memorialize their pet.

After the euthanasia has been completed, I can provide one complimentary paw print using model magic plasticine. After you and your family spend a few private moments with your pet, I carefully transport them to my car, and arrange the aftercare service.

It would be my pleasure to take care of the aftercare arrangements for your pet. If you have any questions about my partnership with Gateway, their service or products, or the aftercare process, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Rosen.

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Dr. Goldie Rosen, DVM

Dr. Goldie Rosen, DVM

Dr. Goldie Rosen is a veterinarian and founder of Halton Veterinary House Call Services, providing compassionate pet euthanasia for dogs and cats at homes in Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Waterdown. To book an appointment, please call 905-876-7766.

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Dr. Goldie Rosen, DVM is a veterinarian and founder of Halton Veterinary House Call Services, providing pet euthanasia for dogs and cats at homes in Acton, Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Georgetown, Guelph, Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Stoney Creek and Waterdown.

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